Shop Vanilla card to make your payments easier

Having a bad credit score leaves you at stake as you were unable to get the support of the bank for a while. This will make the situation even more poorly as you can’t make use of debit or credit card and without them it is hard for making online payments. In this state, you may be worried about how to pass on the days without using the cards for paying bills, whereas you can overcome this hardship by making use of check my vanilla visa balanceIt is a prepaid card that can be recharged when it is out of funds. It is available under the names MyVanilla and OneVanilla also can get them either as Visa or MasterCard.

Know about the Vanilla card before using 

  • Vanilla cards are reloadable as they can add funds whenever needed.
  • Any of the vanilla cards can be used in the place where the Visa and MasterCard were accepted.
  • It doesn’t require any bank account, whereas it is a virtual account to store funds.
  • These cards were available from the range of $20 to $500. This is highly favourable for the people as they can buy this card at a price according to their needs.
  • It can also transfer funds between vanilla cards, but the amount is limited as it is allowed to transfer $500 per day and for a month can transfer up to $2000.

Enjoy the Vanilla card services once activated

Vanilla cards were available in online shopping sites and on many shopping marts. It can be shopped easily, and to find the store can use online to know the stores on your location. Either you can shop them directly from the store or in online whereas once you buy the card it will be activated immediately or in a while but it will not take much time for activation. Once the card is activated, you can use them for making any bill payments on the places where this card is accepted. While using the card keep in mind to check the balance at regular intervals so that you can get to know if the funds are low and can recharge immediately. To check the balance, visit the official site of Vanilla and login to the account to know the funds in the account. For reloading the card, visit the nearest check my vanilla visa balance retailer and give the card and pay the amount to recharge and they will do the process for reloading the funds. 

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